Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are available?

There is an activity calendar provided in each room. If you would like to participate in an activity, please notify your nursing assistant. Also, certain activities can be brought to your room, such as a tablet with Internet access.

Are televisions provided?

All rooms have a facility-provided television. Headphones and channel guides are available upon request. In addition, you may check out a tablet from Activities if you would like to access your Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime account. We offer free WiFi for use with your personal smartphone or tablet.

How can my family call me?

A personal phone is located at the bedside for your convenience. Family members can also call the main line to get in contact with you.

When do I get a shower?

Showers are scheduled twice a week. Please ask your nurse or nursing assistant for date and time. Feel free to communicate your bathing preferences to your nurse or nursing assistant.

How do I keep track of all my belongings?

Upon admission, your nursing assistant will complete an initial inventory sheet with you. Should you bring in additional items, please see your nurse or nursing assistant to update your inventory sheet. Be sure to include and label all your belongings with your name, especially glasses, hearing aids and dentures. It is highly recommended that you do not keep valuables with you at the facility (e.g., cash, jewelry, etc.).

Do I need to bring in my medications?

You do NOT need to provide medications unless specifically told to do so. The facility will provide all medications using our pharmacy. All medications will be ordered upon admit to the facility and will be stored by our staff to ensure safety.

How do I communicate unmet needs?

Everyone has different needs, likes and preferences. You are assigned a Care Liaison who will be contacting you on a regular basis to ensure that you are having a pleasant and productive stay. If your Care Liaison is not readily available, feel free to contact any Manager or Supervisor.

Can my loved one receive mail?

Mail is delivered to residents personally on a daily basis except for weekends and holidays.

White Blossom Care Center
Attn: ___________________ Room No. _____
1990 Fruitdale Ave
San Jose, CA 95128

Consider using our Send a Greeting feature on the website. You can choose from a variety of post cards to fill out and mail to your loved one for a small fee or you may type a message and through email, send us your email greeting that we will hand deliver to your loved one residing in our facility. Our email feature is free of charge.

Is smoking permitted in the facility?

For the safety and welfare of all residents and staff, we are a non-smoking facility. There are designated smoking areas in the outdoor areas.

When will the doctor see me?

The doctor will be in to see you within 72 hours of admit. Your nurse will communicate medical concerns with your doctor before and after he/ she sees you.

How will I know the plan for my stay here?

You will be invited by Social Services to participate in a Care Conference. This conference is typically scheduled within seven days after admission. It is attended by representatives from our Interdisciplinary Team. This meeting will outline your goals, progress made toward those goals, and any additional topics.

How often will I have therapy?

Most residents are scheduled for therapy 5–6 days per week depending on the physician’s order. The frequency of your therapy sessions will be communicated by the Rehab Department.

How long will I be here?

Each case is different and unique. Patient progress is reviewed weekly by our Interdisciplinary Team. The IDT will identify what clinical and rehabilitation progress is needed to occur for you to reach your highest level of independence.

Who determines when I will discharge?

Our goal is to get you as independent as possible and send you home with the best possible chance of success. Ensuring a safe and successful discharge is a team approach.
Input for discharge will come from Nursing and Rehab with the final order coming from your attending physician.

What is the discharge process?

Our Social Services Department will help you through the discharge process. They will need at least 72 hours in advance to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made for you to discharge safely. Discharges are scheduled between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.

I have an appointment, how do I get there?

Transportation to and from off-site appointments can be provided by family if you are safe to travel in their vehicle. White Blossom also has our own transportation van which can be used based on availability. Please see our Social Services Department for details and prices.

What are my benefits?

Everyone’s benefits are different; please visit with the Admissions Department to discuss your individual benefits. Copays are due upon admission.

How much paperwork should I expect?

Both your nurse and the Admissions Department will have paperwork for you to sign. Your nurse will see you the same day you are admitted to the facility. An appointment will need to be made with the Admissions Department for admitting paperwork. Please stop by the Admissions Office to schedule a date and time.

What services are offered?

We offer 24-hour nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound care, IV therapy, tube feedings, Registered Dietitian, housekeeping, laundry, activities, beautician services and much more.

What are the facility’s visiting hours?

11:00 am – 8:00 pm

What times are meals served?

Breakfast: 7:00 am – 8:00 am
Lunch: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Dinner: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Meals are served in our Dining Room or in the patient rooms. Please let the Nursing Supervisor on duty know your preference.

What kind of food do you serve?

Menus are located in each room and outside of the dining room. Should you not want to eat the planned meal, we offer alternative meal choices. Please ask your nurse or nursing assistant for an alternate menu. If you wish to bring in food from outside the facility, please check with your nurse prior to doing so.
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